Adopt a Sunday

This is an additional way of giving for the day to day running of our Church. It gives you an added opportunity to give by commemorating special events in your life or that of your family e.g. birthdays, anniversaries & remembrance. There are two options to donate. First, to cover the cost of the elements, the wafers & wine for Eucharist's, or second, to buy flowers to decorate the Church. The suggested minimum donation is £15 for the elements and £30 for flowers to reflect the actual cost of these items. To adopt a Sunday, please fill in the form on the clip board in Church on the closest Sunday to the commemoration. On the day, add your donation in an envelope, mark if flowers or elements place it in the collection plate. If you don’t already Gift Aid your regular donations please do so if you qualify. If you wish, your donated will be mentioned in the weekly news sheet.