Welcome to Leybourne Church

Ss Peter & Paul has served the people of Leybourne for around one thousand years.

This is a lively church and we seek to offer a friendly welcome to all who choose to meet with us.

Our church community is made up of many individuals - from all age groups and at different stages of the Christian journey - but all seeking to love and serve God.

We hope you will feel welcomed and relaxed here at Leybourne Church.  Fellowship and Community are important elements to church life, and we hope that through the many activities that are on offer in this church, you will grow in your relationship with God, and also build lasting relationships with fellow church members.  

Latest News

Toddler Praise - 18 June

This week at Toddler Praise

The children listened to the story “The tall tower” (Babel)

We built our own towers and wondered what it would be like if we couldn’t understand each other anymore.

Higher or Lower - Thank You

A big thank you to all who attended and took part in the event on Saturday 8 June. Higher or Lower, loosely based on a TV Game Show, was a great success.

Thy Kingdom Come (9 June)